Sunday, May 15, 2011

I've never been a BIG fan of Lashes but I'm thinking about giving them a try.

After researching several websites and stores looking for the perfect affortable lash.
I've come across two great sites, the first website ( providing some of ones favorite lashes and brands for a good price. Madame Madeline offers discount ardell lashes, false eyelashes, false eyelashes, fake eyelashes, duralash individual eyelashes, invisibands, andrea lashes, and more. Its a couple pair of Red Cherry lashes that I personally am thinking about purchasing.

And the second website,  ( gives people I great amount of lashes for wholesale prices. 


  1. I like how these lashes look very natural. I usually run for #7 MAC...I must look into these.


  2. Yes, other places are very expensive and your mostly paying for the brand name. Glad to find good quality looking lashes for a very good price. I'm def ordering mines soon too.