Thursday, June 23, 2011

I'm Goinn Goinnn back backkk to tooo MiAMi MiAMiiiiii...

So after a WHOLE long year, I'm finally going back to school to finish my degree...
so back to MIAMI I go....
and I'm so excited to just finish what I've started, its way overdue.

can't wait to see all my old college buddies, old joints, and just living in a new environment.

just ready for:
NEW Opporunities
NEW State of mind
NEW Lifestyle
NEW Memories
kinda sad to say bye to NEW YORK but I gotta go for the better of me.

"I'll be good because if I made it here, I'll make it anywhere.
Only up from here."

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

MLOTD: GRrrrrr Greeen && (Sexy Shoe Edition) SSE: Candy Apple Greens from Zara

Went to my aunt job >MAC< and decided to play with some makeup since I was there.
Thought of money and then I couldn't go wrong with green for the day.
&& I know my lash is coming up I was bout to take it off then forget I didn't take a pic up close.

&& now for the sexy shoes of the day...
I'm so in love with straps on anything
and these yeah u may have seem some styles like them before.
but im obsessed with the COLOR and Construction of the shoe

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Diamonds are forever...

Go support our female rappers.
Her mixtape is def dope, she's beautiful and you cannot help but love her style and lyrical swagg.

Trina mixtape "diamonds are forever" has official dropped go to 


Also follow her on twitter.. @Trinarockstarr